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    Cash Register Rolls

    We know cash register rolls are almost a vital product for most businesses, and for that reason it is important to control their impact on the environment. We are Supplies4U, the leading providers of biodegradable cash register rolls in Australia.

    If you’ve been considering changing to eco friendly packaging, or to a type of supply with a much reduced impact on the environment, you will find our cash register rolls are the best option for you when it comes to a biodegradable solution that exceeds your expectations. We help you keep your business as operative and efficient as it has always been and help you achieve your goals with premium products like our first class cash register rolls in Australia.

    We are not new to this industry, as we have offered premium printed packaging for over 5 years now and we are constantly evaluating our customers’ feedback so we can respond to their needs more accurately. We are a proud 100% South Australian owned company, and we have an expert team entirely dedicated to supplying quality consumable products and systems to a variety of industries across South Australia. Our cash register rolls are only one of many different products we offer that help businesses bring down their carbon footprint while keeping their efficiency levels as high as possible.

    In order to keep our products’ quality to the top, we only work with the most reliable brands, understanding there is an important factor in mileage and giving our customers the level of respect they deserve with unique quality products made with the best materials. Give us a call if you need more information related to our cash register rolls or any other products featured in our catalogue. We want to know more about you and your goals!

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      since 2018

      Diversion of 940 Tonnes of Organics from Landfill

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      since 2012

      Donation of 5% of profits to charity since 2012

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      since 2018

      Planting of 20,609 Trees in the Daintree since 2012

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      since 2019

      Avoided 970kg of regular plastic

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