Cleaning Supplies

Supplies4u Keeping Your Business Clean!

Regardless of what kind of business you own, cleaning supplies are an absolutely essential part of maintaining high Occupational Health & Safety standards. But despite what the labels say, not all products and application equipment provide a level of performance that actually prevents the spread of bacteria, and keeps surfaces looking clean.

Supplies4u are South Australia’s leading distributors of cleaning products and equipment, stocking only the most reputable brands in practical quantities and sizes to sustain business practice. For example, selected detergents come in sizes up to 15L in simple-to-transfer packaging, which makes it easy to regulate orders (weekly, monthly etc).

As a 100% South Australian owned company, we understand how important it is to put our customers and community first. That means providing customised solutions that genuinely add value to your business, while simplifying the ordering process! We also welcome customers to drop by our office, located in Adelaide.

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Our Variation of Cleaning Supplies

Our goal is to provide a central location for all your cleaning supplies to minimise effort, delivery time and costs. We have the right tool or product to achieve any outcome, whether you’re looking for a deep germ-kill clean or something to buffer and polish with for a flawless looking surface. Some of the product variations we have available for order include:

  • Detergents suitable for dishwashing, food preparation, hard surfaces, laundry and washrooms.
  • Wipes and cloths including microfibre dusters, disposable handiWipes and regular Duty Wipes.
  • Washroom equipment such as mops and mop wringers, buckets, dust pans and brushes.
  • Window cleaning supplies like neoprene squeegees, extension poles and streak-free chemicals.
  • Durable bin liners and garbage bags for appropriate disposal.
  • Standard warning signage (heat cautions, wet floor etc.)
  • Janitors carts to safely and efficiently transport supplies.

Browse our cleaning supplies online or contact the Supplies4u team to submit your order!

Industries We Cater For

Because no business is exempt from cleaning maintenance, we’ve broadened our list of cleaning supplies and tools to accommodate different types of use. Some of the industries that we specifically cater to include:

  • Hospitality (restaurants, hotels, bars & cafes etc)
  • Domestic & commercial cleaning
  • Residential maintenance
  • Food manufacturing
  • General Retail.

But Supplies4u don’t just stop at cleaning, we provide a huge selection of products to facilitate the functionality of a workplace. This includes things like packaging, product dispensers, hotel amenities, and even some machinery and accessories. Our clients can rest-assured that we always choose the most eco-friendly alternatives, like our range of BioPak products. By encouraging people to utilise BioPak in their workplace, the statistics show that this can offset 2 tonnes of carbon and avoid 970kg of regular plastic—and that’s just a single customer. If you’d like to start making more sustainable choices, browse the range online!

For all your cleaning supplies, stick with the products you know and trust. We promise fast delivery, reliable service and overall fantastic customer service! You can place orders online or call via 1300 707 037 for all general enquiries.