Eco Friendly Food Packaging

Benefits of Eco Friendly Food Packaging

Eco friendly food packaging is becoming an increasingly more important feature for consumers. It can either make or break the consumers decision to purchase your product. According to the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation, eco-friendly food packaging should aim to reduce packaging waste at the design stage by “minimising materials used, optimising recyclability or reuse and reducing the potential for fugitive packaging”. One of the primary benefits of eco friendly packaging is that it reduces your waste and carbon footprint. From a business perspective, this can help improve your brand image and position you as a responsible company within your customer base. This improved brand image can further your company’s profits and return on investment. For more information about the benefits of eco friendly food packaging or to learn more about the latest information, contact Supplies4u on 1300 707 037.

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Our Products

For businesses looking for eco friendly food packaging and want to preserve the environment, Supplies4u have you covered! Here are some of our most popular products:

  • BioCane Takeaway Containers

Our BioCane takeaway containers are made from rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp, a by-product of the sugar refining industry. In addition, this range is also certified home compostable.

  • Wooden Cutlery

Similarly, our wooden cutlery, that is sustainably sourced and certified Birchwood is a fantastic alternative to disposable plastic cutlery.

  • Paper BioCups

Our paper BioCups are sustainably sourced from managed plantations with a bioplastic lining made from plants, as opposed to oil. They are the only cups certified commercially compostable to AS4736 in Australia and New Zealand.

Start operating your business with a more sustainable approach, and enquire about our eco friendly food packaging today!

About Us

If you’ve been considering changing to eco friendly food packaging, Supplies4u are the one stop shop! As a 100% South Australian owned company, our team is dedicated to supplying quality consumable products and systems to a variety of industries across South Australia. Commencing the business back in 2016, we provide complete cleaning, chemical, washroom, packaging, hygiene, pest control and eco friendly solutions to direct a broad range of customers across the education, hospitality, healthcare, childcare, food service, industrial and entertainment industry. Supplies4u has grown to become recognised as a leader and innovator in its field with an enviable reputation for quality products and service. We take a customer-first approach, and establish long-term partnerships with our clients. Contact us today to find out more about our eco friendly food packaging, and make the first step towards protecting our planet.

Supplies4u specialise in eco friendly food packaging for a broad range of industries. We are customer focussed, and strive for long-term partnerships. Contact 1300 707 037 and speak with our friendly team to see how we can help.