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    Eco Friendly Garbage Bags

    Supplies4U is the right choice to make when you need eco friendly garbage bags or other disposable products made with the best materials and following the most remarkable manufacturing procedures. Here at Supplies4U, we understand the importance of offering biodegradable products that help businesses reduce the carbon footprint they leave on the environment. We keep all quality standards at the highest possible point by only working with superior brands and reliable manufacturers like Detpak, Biopak, Dominant, Bastion, CleanStar, ConFoil, DebStoko, Dynamic Color, Huggies, and Solaris Paper, etc.

    We set the difference from other eco friendly garbage bags providers because we are constantly updating our catalogue, paying a lot of attention to our customers’ feedback and establishing long lasting relationships with them. Here at Supplies4U, we work hard to provide them with customised solutions that will add value to their business, address their needs by reducing cost and usage, and, where possible, help protect our planet and environment. For added convenience, our customers have the option of ordering our eco friendly garbage bags online, over the phone, via fax, or physically at the Parafield office. We guarantee free shipping on orders over $500, and have a 5-day return & exchange policy for fast remediation.

    Once you have given our eco friendly garbage bags a try, you will never think twice before buying any of our biodegradable solutions made with the best materials in the market. Go for the all-in solution and purchase your supplies from Supplies4U! You can chat with our online representatives at any time, and stay connected with us through our Facebook and LinkedIn. Supplies4U look forward to providing you with the safest and most effective childcare supplies in the industry! We are known for having the best team of professional customer service.

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      since 2018

      Diversion of 940 Tonnes of Organics from Landfill

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      since 2012

      Donation of 5% of profits to charity since 2012

    • icon3 - Eco Friendly Garbage Bags
      since 2018

      Planting of 20,609 Trees in the Daintree since 2012

    • icon4 - Eco Friendly Garbage Bags
      since 2019

      Avoided 970kg of regular plastic

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