Eco Packaging

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Australian Made Eco packaging!

Ever considered eco packaging? As many people are already aware, plastic pollution is a global problem that has had a massive impact on our environment and eco-systems. But fortunately, there are manufacturers out there who are taking extra measures to manufacture supplies that are good for both business, and the environment—like BioPak.

BioPak are National market leaders in sustainable supplies for homes and businesses. The products and packaging they manufacture is made using plant-based materials like cane and Ecopond (a starch-based Bioplastic), which means they’re 100% compostable.

In comparison to regular plastics which can take anywhere up to 1000 years to decompose, Bioplastics only take around 3 to 6 months. At Supplies4u, our business model is built on a sustainable ethos. That’s why we promote and supply a massive range of eco packaging to provide businesses with practical, accessible and affordable alternatives. Don’t forget, there is no planet B!

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What Types of Eco-Friendly Products Are Available?

Supplies4u boast a massive range of bioplastic-based products and eco packaging for business practice. These products are particularly important in the hospitality industry, where disposable items are a necessity for take away. Just few of the 287 different items we have within this category include:

  • Coffee cups (BioCups): The difference with BioCups is that they’re interior lining is made from plants, not the traditional polyethylene. We even offer a double-wall alternative that retains the temperature while protecting your hands from feeling the heat!
  • BioCane bowls and trays: The BioCane range is manufactured using sugarcane pulp; a by-product of the sugar refining industry, which ultimately doubles the eco-benefits. They’re also compostable from home!
  • Wooden cutlery: In addition to being 100% biodegradable, wooden cutlery is typically more durable than single-use plastic cutlery. The BioPak selection is made out of sustainably sourced Birchwood and coated in a plant-based wax for comfortable eating.

About the Supplies4u Team

While our range of eco packaging and diverse cleaning supplies sets us apart in the market space, our business approach revolves around the customer experience. We want people to choose Supplies4u because they know we’re reliable, efficient, and highly responsive to their needs and enquiries. We understand that businesses from all industry sectors often can’t operate without our products, so we’ve deployed stringent internal processes to make sure they get to you at the soonest possible time. We’ve also been very diligent with our brand selections, because we want the quality of our products to align with the quality of our service. Simplify the process of ordering your eco packaging and supplies for your business by choosing the all-in-one solution you can trust. We strive to build long-term partnerships with each and every client! Call us on 1300 707 037 or place your order online for South Australia’s best supply service.

Along with the environment, we have no doubt your customers will appreciate your shift towards sustainability with eco packaging. Start with a browse through our online store and bulk-buy and save on your next order! Call 1300 707 037 today.