Incontinence Pad Suppliers

Why Would You Need Incontinence Pads?

Supplies 4u are the incontinence pad suppliers that will make sure you always have adequate supply.
But what exactly is Urinary Incontinence? Well, your bladder is supported by pelvic floor muscles, and when these muscles have weakened or are placed under stress, it can impede a person’s urinary control. This issue can occur in both women and men for a number of reasons, but it’s predominantly linked to pregnancy, physical or cognitive health issues, obesity and ageing. Some women even experience urinary incontinence from something as simple as coughing, sneezing or exercising, which can be a very uncomfortable thing to experience.

The healthcare and aged care industries make up a large part of our clientele, so Supplies 4u have expanded our product offerings with a range of incontinence pads to help you accommodate the needs of your patients. For protective solutions, choose Supplies 4u to be your incontinence pad suppliers!

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What Makes a Reliable Incontinence Pad?

Having incontinence pad suppliers in your network who consistently maintain high stock is absolutely essential. It’s not the kind of product you can afford to go without in times of need, as these issues compromise both comfort and confidence.

On that note, what qualities do you need in reliable incontinence pads to help restore your confidence in everyday life? Firstly, it’s important to recognise what level of protection you need. Incontinence pads come in the form of liners, regular pads and even pants—each offering a different level of absorption.

Second comes comfort, and luckily if Supplies 4u are your incontinence pad suppliers, you can trust that products have come direct from high quality manufacturers who account for factors like skin sensitivity and fit. The products we stock are also designed with odour technology; providing the opportunity to address the issue before it’s noticeable.

Why Choose Us to Be Your Incontinence Pad Suppliers?

When it comes to finding the right incontinence pad suppliers for you, it’s not just about the product, but about the customer experience. Here are some of the factors that contribute to our reputation as #1!

  • All in one solution by stocking a wide range of cleaning products, packaging options and amenities that facilitate good business practice.
  • We strive to establish long-term relationships with our clients, keeping all information logged in our data base to make recurring orders simple and consistent.
  • Supplies 4u put time and effort into researching our products to make sure our customers have constant access to the most effective and reliable options on the market.
  • Sustainability is the core focus of our business, and we’re continually looking for ways to reduce plastic usage and offset carbon where possible.
  • Our ordering system is both accessible and straight forward, with email, over the phone, online and in-person ordering options available.
We’re the kind of incontinence pad suppliers who will drop everything to make sure you have exactly what you noneed in the most efficient timeframe possible. If you’d like to place an order with us, call 1300 707 037 today.