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The Nappy Suppliers That Always Keep You Stocked!

There’s nothing for frustrating and inconvenient for parents and care workers than falling short on nappies during a rather unwanted surprise, so it’s highly valuable to have reliable nappy suppliers in your network. That’s where we come in, supplying some of the most widely trusted and recognised products to assist you in taking care of business.

Huggies has become a household name right across Australia, renown for the comfort and high absorbency of their products. In fact, they offer up to 12 hours of leakage protection to keep your small ones happy and dry! We stock the full Huggies Essentials range, which includes

  • Newborn
  • Crawlers 208s
  • Infant 216s
  • Toddlers 184s
  • Walkers 176s

For an eco-friendly alternative, we strongly recommend the soft and reusable bamboo nappies from As a one-size-fits all product with reusable inserts for easy cleaning, moving towards sustainability nappy suppliers has never been simpler!

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More on the Range

Have you considered choosing eco nappy suppliers? Sustainability is one of the core focal points of our company, and we’re always exploring new alternatives to help businesses and individuals reduce their impact on the environment—without breaking the bank. That’s why the products are such a welcome addition to our range!

A staggering 5.6 million nappies end up in land fill each year, with each individual one taking anywhere up to 500 years to decompose. The reusable nappies are made from a breathable, soft bamboo fabric that your little ones will love. They have comfortable elastic around the legs to hold their shape and boast a slim fit design that is appropriate for both day and night wear.

These eco nappies are fitted with bamboo re-usable inserts, which are also available for purchase on our website. They have 2 layers of microfibre for effective absorbency!

Choosing Supplies 4u for your consumables and childcare supplies!

Supplies 4u have become the nappy suppliers of choice because we put customer service at the forefront of everything we do. We offer fantastic sales support, a simple ordering system, guaranteed product quality, and have a 5-day return and exchange policy if you’re ever dissatisfied with a product in our range.

Furthermore, you can receive peace of mind knowing that you’re supporting a business that genuinely cares about both the environment, and the wellbeing of others. In 2019, Supplies 4u offset two tonnes of carbon and avoided 970kg of regular plastic by promoting and supplying sustainable alternatives. We’ve even contributed to the planting of over 20,609 trees in the Daintree forest since 2012. We will continue to explore every avenue possible to help our business and yours grow in the right direction, which all starts with choosing us to be your nappy suppliers!

End your search for nappy suppliers and experience the difference of a company that cares: Supplies 4u. Our process is designed to get your products to you in the fastest time attainable! You can call us on 1300 707 037 or send your enquiries through to