AEROLITE 1400 Watt LightWeight Backpack


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Cleanstar Aerolite Backpack Features:
  • Low profile floor tool means you can easily glide from carpet to a hardfloor surface. This low profile floor tool also features a rubber strip on the wheels so it wont mark your floor
  • Includes full range of attachments:  telescopic chrome rod, crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool
  • Super light and easy to use, with only 4.3kg of vacuum body weight
  • Comes with a cloth filter bag, dust bag and HEPA filter
  • Can be used with or with out the vacuum bag
  • Has a clear lid so you can see whats going on inside your Aerolite Eco backpack
  • Dual Mode: Vacuum & Blower functions
  • A ergonomic back pack harness with velcro waist strap and comfort handle
  • 12 month Manufacturer’s Warranty

Cleanstar Aerolite Advantages:

  • Save your back, no more needing to bend down and and turn your vacuum on and off
  • Can be used in domestic or commercial situations
  • Great for stairs as the Aerolite is on your back you can easily vacuum while walking up and down the stairs
  • Can reach higher spots in your house that an ordinary vacuum can’t
  • No need to pull your vacuum around anymore
  • Long cable length, no more having to unplug your cable and find another power socket

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