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LCC Liquid Chlorinated Cleaner is a detergent/sanitiser for use in food processing areas, showers and bathrooms. It is a pale yellow moderately viscous cleaner with a chlorine odour.



LCC is an alkaline cleaner sanitiser containing 3g/l potassium hydroxide in the neat form. The low caustic level makes it suitable for use on aluminium and galvanised equipment in food processing areas, as long as it is used at the recommended use dilutions.

LCC combines chlorine stable detergents, alkaline builders and 4.0% chlorine for effective cleaning, bleaching and sanitation in food processing areas and bathrooms.

The chlorine in LCC is effective at breaking up protein soils to assist in removal.

Features and Benefits

Dry clean areas first to remove bulk soiling and rinse off any blood deposits. Use LCC at dilutions from 1:20 to 1:100 dependant on the degree of soiling. LCC can be used manually or through a foamer. Rinse food contact surfaces with potable water after use.

If soiling is heavy sanitise cleaned surface with Bacban or a chlorinated sanitiser as the soiling will reduce the efficacy of the LCC. If soiling levels are high and difficult to remove Hyfoam may be used. This is a stronger cleaner than LCC but is more hazardous to use.

To prepare a 1000ppm solution for controlling gastro outbreaks add 20ml to a 750ml trigger spray and top up with cold water.

LCC contains chlorine. Store in a cool area and rotate stocks to use the oldest material first.

Do not mix with any acidic substances


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